Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sinful Sunday Week #157: My Former Collar

It was a hot night in July, almost eight years ago when I took a huge chance and met up with the guy who would inspire me to begin this blog, Daddy J. Over the years, we have had some amazing times, but more importantly, he helped me to grow into who I am today. Even after he released me from his service, we have continued to stay close. He understands me better than a lot of people and is always willing to give me a pep talk when I start to question myself and lose my way. He knew I was submissive before I even really knew anything about it. He saw it in my eyes that night we met. For that, I am always grateful. I got some great news a week back (unfortunately, I cannot share with everyone for various reasons. But I found myself last Friday texting Daddy J to tell him. He wrote back almost immediately with praise and support, telling me he always believed in his “good girl.”

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sinful Sunday Week #156 - Competition!: New

As Molly says, Sinful Sunday is all about the image. And this week - it's a competition! She asked us to create a triptych. No, not that travel plan that Triple A puts together for you for a vacation (that's a triptik).

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sinful Sunday #153: Return of the Polka-Dot Princess

As Molly says, Sinful Sunday is all about the image. In Week #128, I posted two popular pictures which gave me the nickname "Polka-Dot Princess". I'm quite proud of my cleavage and actually enjoy showing it off sometimes. I'm not always a fan of showing off my panties. But today, someone had me re-think that as an option. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

He Needed Me

Technically, the events of this post came before those of my last post I Needed Him. But I think that was a stronger piece, so I led with it. Also related, is this funny Twitter exchange about that one night in December.

He needed me. Scott texted me telling me all that happened to him recently and I knew. I knew he needed me. He needed a release as much as I did. I had said that I was going to deny myself orgasm that weekend. But - he needed me. Was I mentally prepared to please him? That would be selfish thinking - of course it isn’t about me. It is about pleasing him. And he really needed me. So - of course I followed every direction to a tee.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Needed Him (Funny Tweet)

After I wrote and posted my latest blog post I Needed Him, I rememebered tweeting about it that night. I went back into my timeline and found it. Too funny!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Needed Him

It was such a cold and blustery Saturday. I had only been back from my vacation for a week but it felt like I did not even get a break at all. I did a lot of soul searching and thinking during that time, but I still had not come up with all of my decisions. Scott knew I was out of town and texted me a few times while I was there. I think he could tell I was going to my “introspective” place. Then, that Saturday, he texted me telling me he would be in my area if I wanted him to stop by. I got giddy. I really wanted to see him, but I knew the weather was only getting worse and I did not want him to have to drive home in the ice. He, as he always does, made me state what I wanted. He does not allow me to say things like “whatever you would like.” He makes me demand my needs. That’s very different for me as a submissive, but he is still very dominant with me.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sinful Sunday Week #148: Monster

Sinful Sunday is all about the image. It's not a secret that the weather has been OH SO COLD here in Baltimore this winter. I mean, it IS winter, so we should be expecting cold and snow. But I do believe it hasn't lasted this long in a while, and it has been a lot colder than recent winters. In cold weather, I love to curl up, snuggle in, grab a glass of wine or hot cider, and nest. I read, catch up on movies, and basically turn into more of a hermit than I usually am. It's always better to be able to snuggle with someone, but alas, I do not have a snuggle partner. So, instead, I sometimes curl up in my scoodie.