Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Third Night Together - A True Test

I approached the door, and noticed it was not locked. We had discussed only a little bit about me coming over, and I had followed his instructions so far. Not sure what exactly to expect, I turned the knob and entered into the dark apartment. As I turned to close the door, he quickly moved behind me and pushed me against the wall. He told me not to move and to stay calm. I was wearing the skirt with no panties, just as he had asked. He placed a knife at my throat as he placed the pillowcase over my head. His hand swiftly traveled up my skirt to my wet and already throbbing pussy. He said that I was a very dirty girl to be excited by this and he was going to teach me a lesson or two.

He led me to what I thought must be the bedroom, and I was unsure what to expect next. He undressed me with a fury and had me stand spread-eagled against the wall with my back to him. There was a silence as he just stood there, only a couple of feet away from me, and it felt like time was standing still. I kept thinking to myself about what might be next and wondering what it exactly was that he was doing. That is when I heard it – the buckle of the belt gently clanging and I tensed up now knowing what my first lesson was to be. The first strapping across my bottom came fast and hard. I moved a little bit and he firmly commanded me to stand still and take it. Each whip of the belt stung and the feeling remained even after the leather had been pulled away from my bare skin. I began to tear up, trying to be brave and take everything he was giving me. He stood back again, slowly watching me; I imagine he was admiring the red marks he had created.

He then turned me around and pushed me to my knees and removed the pillow case, flooding my eyes with light. He quickly stuck his hard cock deep into my mouth. He pumped his cock in and out, telling me to take all of him. I was so eager to please him and I was so hungry for him, I sucked him feverishly. He thrust deep into my throat and held my nose occasionally, seeing how much I could take with no air. He grasped my neck, slightly choking me, and pulled me to my feet. He told me he would make me his little whore and that I would always enjoy what he would give me. He asked if I was all his. I quickly said yes, knowing how much I wanted to completely give myself over to him.

He then threw me down onto the bed and swiftly thrust his cock into my waiting and eager pussy. I let out a small gasp and my face filled with shock, but also bliss. He looked down at me with such passion. He told me how tight my pussy was for him and how good it felt to take his dirty little girl. He fucked me and continued to push me harder and I came almost instantly.

After a little while, he took the belt and placed it behind my neck and pulled me up. He turned me over and onto my hands and knees. He asked, “Does my whore want me to take her ass now?” I was scared, but I simply nodded yes. He spanked me hard, pulled my head back by my hair, put his mouth to my ear, and crossly asked me again. I quietly let out a whimper and simple said, “Yes, daddy.” He told me that he would take me anyway, and he would always take what he wanted from me, whether I liked it or not. He slowly moved his now even harder cock into me. The pain was difficult at first, but the more he moved in me, the more I began to move with him, feeling him get harder and deeper as he was about to cum.

After we were done, he curled up beside me and held me close, our bodies drenched with sweat and my makeup smeared and hair tangled up. He told me how he loved to make his little whore a mess and that I would always do as he said.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I had no idea...

I was not sure what would come of anything, but on a warm July evening in 2006, I put out an advert on Craigslist for a one night stand.  I had never had one before, and it had been about a year since I had last had sex. I just wanted to see what was out there, if anything, but I did not have any high hopes.  I got a lot of crap responses; men who didn't meet any of my criteria (age, preference, weight, otherwise), men who would not send a picture, men who could not spell, ... this list could continue through the at least 80 responses I got. But there was one...One that completely stood out from anyone else, despite his asking it to. It was a response from someone who I could just sense was my equal - someone who was sincere and looking for what I was as well.

His reply:
Subj: Please be Real

I know that sounds awfully rude, but you never know these days --  even the best-written, most intriguing post could be a front for a bot or more web-cam advertising...

Anyway, if you ARE a real girl (a la Pinnocchio), I would love to chat with you and see where things go. I lived in ____ for many years until about three years ago when I finished grad school. I've just moved back into the area (____________) and haven't really made any good connections yet.

I'm sure you've already received about 30 responses to your ad and will probably get another 50 while you're reading this one -- I can't say or do anything here and now to convince you that this is the only email  you should pay attention to tonight -- but it is. And how silly would you feel to ignore that advice and be wrong?? :-D

Here's a pic -- I'd love to see one of yours and maybe chat a little so I can demonstrate my wit and charm... er, that is, so we can get to know each other. ;-)

Talk to you soon?

So..I took the plunge and I wrote back.....................