Friday, January 28, 2011

Letting Down Some Walls

If you have been reading, you know that I am fairly new to the D/s dynamic and I am learning quite a bit. I asked Daddy when he knew that I had this side of me that I didn’t even know was there. He said that the very first night we were together, he knew I had potential. When I look back, I never even dreamed that night would turn into our relationship now, or that I would have done most of what we have experienced together. But now that the door is opened, I can’t imagine ever closing it. I am so happy to finally be exploring my true inner desires and needs. I believe that I am meant to serve; it is inherent in my nature to be submissive sexually. Every day when I talk with Daddy, I realize more and more that this is who I am. And the days that I don’t talk to him, I truly miss serving him and bringing him pleasure.

I am honored that he has chosen me to serve him. I feel special that he trusts me and wants to share his knowledge and desires with me. I find myself craving his direction. I get excited when his emails arrive, asking me to complete a task, or just providing me feedback about a task I have completed. Every IM and text I receive, butterflies come over me and I want it to be him. I was worried about him driving through the snow storm the other night, and I realized then that I care about him more than even I thought. I feel vulnerable allowing myself to be so open and trusting with him, but I am compelled to continue to let him inside the walls that I usually have up to protect myself from the outside world. I have to surrender in order to properly serve him. He is very good at telling me exactly what he thinks, but I know he holds things back too. He asked me once if I thought that was accidental on his part. I told him that I know that nothing he does in my training is accidental. I know he has his reasons for choosing what he does and does not share with me, and I respect him, so I do not push. He and I both know that I am his, I belong to him only. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder if he is mine as well.

Every night I lie in bed and imagine his hands caressing me, his voice commanding me. Last night was especially intense. In anticipation for my lesson on Saturday, I put my collar on, laid back, and I allowed my mind to wander to wonder what new he has in store for me (I know he mentioned rope, and we are installing an eye hook in my ceiling). My pussy was wet almost immediately. I reached down and rubbed my clit a bit imagining my fingers were his tongue, licking and circling, remember how good it feels when he goes down on me. I pulled my larger vibe out of the door and thrust it inside me, moving my hips up to meet it as I do when he shoves his cock deep into me. I licked my fingers, tasting my juices on my lips as I would taste myself on his lips if he came up to kiss me. I kept fucking myself with my vibe, picturing him above me, looking down at me with such desire. I came close to cumming, but I stopped as I did not have permission to. I could have texted Daddy to ask, but I decided that I want my next climax to be with him. So, I will wait for Saturday.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That First Night...The Beginning

Considering I had only met a few guys from online before, and those did not go well, I was shocked that I was even entertaining the idea that one of the responses I got to this first ad of mine was about to meet me right away. He was right – I got a LOT of responses from my ad. But very few that actually met what it was I explicitly said I was looking for. Most started off with “I know I am older/younger than what you originally requested” or “ I know you said you liked a) but I know you want b)”. All I kept thinking to myself was … NO! I was completely open and honest for once to exactly what it was I wanted… you will not persuade me. Until, YES! One response came that did require me to suspend what I was asking for. Of course, my first reaction was that it had to be “too good to be true.” But as we kept emailing back and forth for at least a couple of hours, I realized – not only was he in it to win it – but also – he was willing to at least play the game I was requesting. He was willing to just end a dry spell that had gone longer than I had ever gone at that time (I have gone longer since – but that is an aside). He was willing to just have fun with it, with no major expectations, and with the idea that we just were out to have fun. So, on that fateful night…I set out for Charles Village from the suburbs, completely unsure what to expect, but filled with anticipation knowing my adventure was at LEAST just beginning . . .over 5 years ago now…

When I walked up his sidewalk, he immediately smiled a welcoming grin and hugged me and immediately kissed me. I was in complete shock, but I felt that kiss everywhere. I knew that this was a good decision. He released me, smiled, brushed some hair back from my surprised face and said, "There. That should get some nerves out of the way." He took my hand and led me inside. He poured me a glass of wine and led me into his bedroom. It was a really hot night and there was no air conditioning, but there was a gentle breeze coming in from his window. We sat down and drank and talked for a bit. His eyes felt like they were seeing right into me. He was definitely probing my mind and I was helpless to stop him. 

He began kissing me again and being very strong. He was taking complete control of the situation and I was enjoying every minute of it. He had me stand up and undress in front of him. As I stood there naked in front of him I felt so vulnerable and nervous, but I was also strangely aroused. He smiled, inspecting every inch of me as if to say that he was in approval. He lied me down on the bed and started to lick my pussy. It was amazing to say the least. I couldn't even remember the last time a guy had pleased me that way and I almost came immediately. He then moved up and asked me what I wanted next. I told him I wanted him inside of me. He smiled and said, "Say it again nicely." I then smiled and said, "Please fuck me." He put on a condom and thrust himself deep inside me. His cock filled my tight, but already soaking wet pussy completely. He was so deep with every thrust and I was truly lost in the moment. After we both came, he got up, helped me clean off, got me more wine and we lied there sweaty with each other talking. 

As the breeze came in through the window, he was asleep, with his arm and leg over me tightly, as if he was protecting me and preventing me from leaving. I dozed off eventually, hoping that this would not be just one night. I decided right then, I needed to know more.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Last Night's Solo Flight

As I have previously blogged, I am allowed to masturbate, but I must get permission from Daddy before I can cum. Sometimes I hesitate playing with myself, even though I really want to, because I know there are times when he will tell me that I am not allowed to cum. My climax doesn't does not belong to me anymore. I am learning to accept that, as hard as it may be. My pleasure is only for his enjoyment, and at his discretion. Yesterday, Daddy and I had been instant messaging most of the day, so I was exceptionally aroused and worked up. I went up to my room, undressed, and lied down naked on my back on top of my bed. I did not use the plug this time as Daddy had given me an hour with it as punishment earlier in the day (I forgot to send him some pictures he requested).

I decided to use my smaller vibe with the bunny ears attached. I gently placed the vibe on my pussy so that just the bunny ears entered and could tickle my clit and reach into my g-spot. I was very wet and my hips moved with the pulses almost immediately. After only about 2 minutes I could feel a tingle in my toes which made me realize I was very close so I had to slow the speed of the vibe down to not cum. I generally noticed that I don’t watch myself, but mainly close my eyes and imagine that it is not me that is pleasing myself, but rather I picture my Daddy next to me, holding the vibe against me. As I continued to hold it against my cunt, I opened my eyes and noticed that my nipples were completely hard and sticking straight up, which, without even thinking about it, I immediately starting circling them with my fingers and gently pinching them. They are extremely sensitive, and Daddy is much rougher with them than I am. 

The pulsation on my clit became more intense and I could feel shivers in my spine and I instinctively grasped my headboard to brace myself and try to enjoy the wave, but also to hold back from climax. At that time, I felt my hips also start to grind harder onto the vibe, with my eyes closed I imagined that I was grinding on my Daddy and pictured him watching my breasts as they would bounce around as he furiously fucked me so hard and deeper than anyone else has even gone inside me. My mind actually started to get a little fuzzy and dizzy as I felt what I can only describe as a wave of tingling numbness start to move down my legs again and into my toes, causing me to clench and curl them. At that point I jolted and realized I was on the verge of cumming and I quickly pulled the vibe away and lied there out of breath and slightly shaking, almost feeling like the vibe was still on me. I quickly sent my text request to Daddy.
          Me: Hello, Sir. I am asking your permission to cum tonight.
I took some deep breaths with my eyes closed and ling there trying not to move. I feared even if I were to just move any muscle I would instantly climax and I promised I would not.

          Daddy: Are you ready to now? Describe your position.
          Me: I am lying on my back on my bes, legs spread apart, with the rabbit vibe in.
          Daddy: Is your plug in?
          Me: No Sir.

Oh no - would this be the time? Did I make a mistake? Would he let me climax?
          Daddy: Lazy girl ;)
          Daddy: You May cum for me
          Me: Thank you Sir.

I rolled over onto my side and began back again. I feel my Daddy as if he were standing over me, telling me to "Grind into it a little more, little girl." I imagined his hands on my hips guiding me and slamming his hard cock into me from behind; harder and harder as I would get closer. I heard him command me to cum and cum hard all over him. As soon as that thought hit me, I began feeling the orgasm flow through me and could feel my head flop back and forth as each thrust pushed me closer to climax. I yelled, "Yes Daddy! I am cumming for you!" As I finished, I lied there, still for about 2 minutes at least. I pictured him smiling, kissing my cheek and neck - telling me I was his good girl and I felt so warm and satisfied.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Holiday Treats and Lessons: Part II

Continued from yesterday, you may want to read the beginning here, before moving on ... :)

He took of his shirts and had me kneel on the edge of the bed. The zipper of his pants was just at my eye level and so close I could smell every essence of him. I was automatically smiling, knowing I wanted to rip his pants off and attack him, but I held back for permission. He looked down at me, so pleased and I am sure he knew what I wanted more than anything. He unzipped his pants and asked if I wanted something. I told him, “Yes Daddy – I want to suck you.” “Good girl,” he smiled and took his pants off and set them to the side as I took his hardness into my mouth.

I kept sucking him feeling him grow and get more excited. As I was getting more aggressive sucking him, he pulled my head back and slapped my face to remind me I was not the one in control. After a while longer, he told me to turn around and get on all fours. He attached the spreader bar to each of my ankles and my buttocks were exposed and facing him, so I was pretty sure what was next. He loves to admire my ass, but he loves to gaze at it longer after he has worked it for a bit.

He started with just spankings with his bare hands. I love the initial burn of the contact of his hand against my bottom – I have to admit it. Then, I heard the slow movement of him removing the belt from his pants that he had already removed. And I knew. It wasn’t just any belt – It was my belt – the one he has only spanked me with – the one that no one else has felt snapping against her skin. He asked me, “Do you know what is in my hand?”

            Me: “Yes Daddy.”
            Daddy: “What is it?”
            Me: “My belt.”
            Daddy: “Yes – and do you want it?”
            Me: “Yes Daddy,”

And the thrashes began, stinging and erotic. I kept as stoic as I could, trying to take each lash with the care I know he was intending. But, then he paused. And I fearfully knew what was next – that which we had not tried yet – the thin, black wrapped cane.

It came so quickly and so sharply, I was not fully prepared for how it would sting. And sting it did with every little snap. But also, at this point, Daddy felt the need to put the big, black butt plug in my asshole. It became harder to take each strike as the uncomfort was growing and I know he wanted me to hold the plug in my ass,

But then, the larger challenge came, he took my smaller rabbit ear vibe (Oh – did I forget to mention that I was required to keep all of my vibrators out on my nightstand at his disposal? Well, I was) and he turned it on, and made me put it against my clit. Of course, obeying him as I do, I did as I was told. While I was playing with my clit, he would pat the plug deeper into my asshole. He asked me to cum and I did. But he wouldn’t let me stop there. He made me keep fucking myself. It was so hard to stay upright and keep from screaming more. But – I did and came again even harder. As I came this time, the plug actually was pushed out from my asshole and fell to the ground. Embarrassed and nervous for punishment, I braced myself for punishment.

He moved quickly, pulled me back around to face him, again kneeling on the bed, and placed the ball gag he had crafted around my mouth and also cuffed my hands together with the plastic ties he brought. He forced me to kneel up straight as he stood back and admired his bindings. I was worried how messy and awful I thought I looked as he stood back to inspect me. He simply smiled so happily, admiring his work. He also honestly stated, “You look so beautiful there as you should be. Waiting for me.” And in that moment, I felt more beautiful than I had in so long. He was so pleased with my honest excitement and admiration for him, he quickly rewarded me by moving swiftly behind me and almost immediately thrust his cock deep into my asshole and began fucking me, furiously.

No matter how much it hurts when he enters my ass, it still feels so good knowing that I am able to make him feel so good. Since it had been a while since we have been together, I know how tight my ass was, and how close I was making him cum. He swung back to the front of me and had me suck him off. After a bit, he started to jerk off in my face and had me close by and then told me to bring my face closer. He came so hard and all over my face and tongue. Unfortunately, I didn’t move as quickly as I wanted to, so some of his cum missed my face, but I was able to catch most of his gloriousness and even to swallow some. I sat there as he admired me covered in his triumph, until he cleaned me up and he cuddled up next to me on the bed. As I rested my head happily on his naked, strong shoulder and kissed him thankfully, we watched his conquest of me once again on his camera playback and discussed life’s complexities. Enjoying each other thoroughly and embracing our closeness for the moments we had left that day.

Holiday Treats and Lessons: Part I

We had been talking and planning for this day for a few weeks now. We were supposed to get together over the winter break, but due to family obligations, it didn’t happen. So, Sunday January 9, 2011 had been circled in red on my calendar as the day I had been working towards for the past few years. Daddy told me he had purchased me a collar and was going to put it on me. I knew what a big step this was and I knew that not only did I want it so badly; I had really put myself out there for him. He also told me he had purchased a couple of other items to play with, so I was intrigued.

He texted me that morning asking if I had gotten out my tripod. Yes, he wanted to film this for the first time I quickly texted back:

Me: Got it!
Daddy: Yes, Sir ;)
Me: Yes Sir :)
Daddy: Clearly, you’re ready for a session

I tingled with anticipation. I made sure to thoroughly shave my cunt clean and smooth, put on nice lotion, and put on my robe as he requested. I also put on some extra eye makeup, as he likes to see the mess he makes of me as I work so hard for him.

As soon as he arrived, I noticed his winter ritual had returned; he was growing out his beard. I normally do not like facial hair on a man, but it just suits him so well and I love when he is rugged like that. We embraced and he kissed me and we immediately headed upstairs to the bedroom to begin my lesson. He placed the bag he was carrying on the chair in my room and said with a sly grin, “I guess this is like an anti-Santa bag.” I smiled and stated simply, “Well, that depends on how I look at it!”

He told me to drop my robe and I stood there naked as he unpacked his tools. He took each item out of the bag and laid it gently on my dressing table. First out was a simple spreader bar that could be attached to my ankles. Next, was a long, thin, black cane. The new butt plug was placed next to that and then a makeshift ball gag, along with plastic ties. The final object was the one I was waiting for – my collar. You can all see how proud I am of it as the banner of this blog is an actual picture of me wearing my collar. He asked me to gently life up my hair, as he buckled it and secured it around my neck. He stood back for a moment, admiring my vulnerable state and the new symbol of his control over me – now it was clear to the eye that I was fully his.

To be continued tomorrow … you KNOW you want to hear what happens next …

Monday, January 17, 2011

Plug Practice in Social Setting

This I knew would be more difficult. At least when I was wearing the plug at work, I could choose not to interact with others. But now, Daddy was requesting that I wear it while having dinner with some close girlfriends, and some of their friends I didn't even know. Before I entered the restaurant, I put the plug in and texted him that I had arrived. He instructed me to request permission to remove it in 20 minutes.

I went into the restaurant and found all four other girls seated and I joined them. There were the initial hugs for my two friends, one of whom was visiting from out of town, and the introduction to the two new girls I hadn't met before. I quickly sat down, feeling the plug slipping from my asshole. Daddy had requested that I also squirm into it three times, so I did. 

For some reason, the plug was much harder to take this time. Was it because I had to interact with people? Was it because I was more out in the open in public? Was it because I had been practicing too much? I couldn't determine, but it was very difficult to concentrate on what most people saying and I couldn't take my mind off of the growing discomfort of the plug digging deep into me. Every laugh or giggle made it that much harder to keep in. All of a sudden, another woman joined us who I hadn't met, and I had to get up to let her into the the place where the extra chair was. I was very nervous about the plug slipping out completely. I clenched my buttocks tightly so as not to have what would surely be a quite embarrassing moment.

Luckily, when I texted Daddy at the end of the 20 minutes, he allowed me to go and remove the plug. I excused myself from the table and retreated to the ladies room to removed it. I quickly rinsed it off and wrapped it in paper towels before placing it back in the plastic bag in my purse and returned to join the girl talk. Daddy texted again asking if any of them suspected that I was so slutty and obedient. I assured him that although I have been friends with two of the women for more than 20 years, no one suspected what was deep inside me that he was so good at bringing out of me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Made a Mistake

As I have stated, my assignment this week is to text Daddy each night if I was masturbating to ask permission if I could cum. Last night, after a very erotic day (I wrote about it yesterday), decided to hold off and not masturbate. I went to sleep early and I did not hear my phone. When I woke up this morning, I noticed that Daddy had texted me and I hadn't answered. I quickly sent him an apology. But, as I know, mistakes have consequences. He informed me that the next time we are together, I will have to take 20 lashes of the cane. So, learning my lesson, and vowing to do better from now on.

I would love to hear from other submissives and Doms about punishment and expectaions. I am learning so much and have found many of you so supportive in sharing - I really appreciate it! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Plug Practice On The Job

My Daddy was pleasantly surprised that I purchased the plug yesterday for my homework. So much so that he requested that I bring it into the office with me today.  Working in a professional office setting, I was quite nervous, but of course obedient and did as I was told. After morning meetings in another building, I got to my desk and immediately emailed Daddy. He instructed me to go the ladies room and put the plug in and return to my desk. Luckily for me, on my floor of the office, there is a ladies room that is private with no other stalls. I entered and locked the door behind me. I pulled the plug out of my bag and set it on the counter. I quickly pulled my pants down and, with a little bit of lube, gently and slowly slid the plug into my asshole. I stayed there for a minute, trying to relax my muscles before I pulled my pants up. As I washed my hands, I could hear people in the hallway outside the door, so I was nervous to exit, but I also know that I couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever.

I got back to my desk and informed Daddy that I had done as I was told. He told me I was to keep it in at least 30 minutes. As we chatted a few times, he also told me to sometimes move my ass around to make sure it was nice and deep. Even though I know that no one around me knew what I was doing, I felt so embarrassed and dirty. I am sitting in public with a plug in my asshole for the sexual pleasure of my Daddy. I could feel the wetness grow in my cunt. My good friend and co-worker in the cubicle next to me wheeled back in his seat and asked me for help. I almost couldn’t make eye contact with him for fear that he would see me as the slut I was feeling like. I kept calm and explained how he could fix the issue he was having with his Excel spreadsheet and quickly tried to end the conversation. Could he sense what was going through my head? Could he smell the sex that was growing in my pants? Of course not, I told myself, but that didn't make me feel any less self-conscious.

I cleared my head and turned back to my monitor and saw that it had been over 35 minutes. I had done it. I emailed Daddy and requested if I may take it out. No response. Another 30 minutes passed and still nothing. I could feel the plug starting to slip out more and it was difficult to keep in. I kept trying to concentrate on the statistics I was trying to finalize, but my mind kept moving back to the mounting sexual frustration and aching. After another 20 minutes, I felt almost as though I had to use the bathroom. I wasn’t sure if I could make it. But I kept telling myself how much I didn’t want to disappoint my Daddy. It was just then that he contacted me and apologized that his boss had interrupted him. It was hard for me to even realize that once again – we were both at work – in very professional settings – but still exploring the most sensual of our inner desires. He told me I could remove the plug and I promptly excused myself and went back to the ladies room. Although the aching still remained after I took it out, I also am proud of the fact that I was able to do as I was asked.

First Assignment Night (Hopefully of Many to Come)

Knowing that I would need to practice more with, well, let’s just say backend ass work, I decided to make a stop on the way home from work. I bought a small toy that was similar to one that my Daddy just bought and used with me. After taking care of the usual things at home, I went upstairs and undressed. I took my collar out and buckled it around my neck. I lied down on the bed and, with a little lubrication, placed the plug in my other hole asshole. I promised myself to keep it in for at least 20 minutes, as I was not sure how long I could really handle it. While I lied there, I reached up caressing my breasts and imagining my Daddy looking down at me with approval. After the 20 minutes I sat up and realized how wet my pussy cunt had become with excitement. I brought my Sexercise ball out of the closet and put on the rabbit vibrator attachment.
I gently squatted above the vibe and let it sit on my clit a little before slowly inserting it inside me and getting onto the ball.  I was very wet and I was very aroused. I started to ride slowly, however I started to get very close to cumming quite fast, so I had to slow down and sit for a minute – still feeling it throb inside me. My nipples were completely hard and sticking straight up. I pictured my Daddy pinching and pulling my hard nipples. As I would feel the pain, he would alternate with licking and kissing them as I was riding the ball. The pulsation on my clit became more intense and I could feel shivers in my spine and I was loving imaging Him standing in front of me, both stroking his hard cock and playing with my breasts, but also teasing me and bringing his cock so close to my mouth having me beg Him if I could suck it. It was at this time I texted Daddy:
                Me: Hello Daddy … I am asking your permission to cum tonight.
                Him (8 minutes later): Wait 20 minutes and ask again.
    Me: Yes Sir.
I slowly kept rolling back and forth on the ball, concentrating on holding back and just enjoying the slow rhythm. Those 20 minutes were tough to take, but as soon as they were up, I texted again:
Me: Hello Daddy … I am again asking your permission to cum tonight.
Him: Did you give your ass some practice?
Me: Yes Sir … I did.
Him: Are you close to cumming now?
Me: Yes, I am close.
Him: You can cum. Afterwards write me about your ass practice.
I felt my hips start to grind harder onto the ball and the vibe, imagining I was riding Him. I was dripping and pumping so hard on the ball begging to cum. As I was cumming, I pictured Daddy’s smile and could almost hear his voice, telling me that I was his good little girl. I lied back down on the bed and texted my Daddy to tell him all about everything that happened. When we were done, I drifted off to sleep, knowing my dreams would be of pleasing him even more.

Edits were made today as my Daddy has instructed me to use my words properly :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beginning Again

In reading posts from other submissive bloggers that I have found, I noticed that although I am always willing to serve and please my Daddy whenever I am with him, I hadn’t really looked to him for daily jobs. When he has designated homework for me to carry out from time to time, I always eagerly completed the task with enthusiasm, hoping that it would make him proud that I had learned so well. So, today, I asked my daddy to give me some daily guidelines. He was very happy that I was taking initiative in seeking more assignments and set me up with my first new set of learning tasks.

1.       I am to text him when I would like to masturbate and ask for permission to cum.
2.       If he does not grant me permission to climax, I am to play with myself, but stop as soon as I reach the brink.
3.       If I accidentally cum, I am to report it to him immediately.
4.       I am to look for a top that could conceal my collar if he chooses to require me to wear it in public. (Oh yes, my collar was my Christmas gift!)
5.       Once I have done this for a week, a new report will be posted here on my blog.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive these instructions. It is like I won the lottery – I am overflowing with joy at being able to remind myself daily that I am completely his. I strongly encourage you to visit the other submissive bloggers that inspired me to ask for this – I have listed some of my favorites that I have found in my blogroll.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thank You for Reading

I am currently working on a bigger post about my last session with my Daddy, but I wanted to share some thoughts in the meantime. As one can tell from reading here, I am new to blogging. I have been surfing around and I am amazed to find so many others like me. It is encouraging reading their stories. I know I have only just begun my true training and I am honored to be able to travel on this road and explore my innermost nature. I am learning that there is so much out there I never even knew about and so much I want to learn and discover. I am flattered by the comments that some of you have left me. I encourage you to come back often and follow my progression. My Daddy has been so supportive. He told me in advance that people would want to read about our lessons, and I am glad that he encouraged me to start my blog to document all that I am about to experience. Thank you all for joining us – I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we will.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Conference

My daddy had to attend a local conference for work. Lucky for him, they still put him up at a hotel. Lucky for me, he had an idea for another great lesson to teach me. He instructed me to dress in business attire and come to the hotel one evening. He also requested I wear a sexy thong. Walking through the lobby, I was nervous, but I knew I looked like I belonged, being in a nice plaid skirt, a lilac blazer, and white button down. On the elevator, a woman and two men asked me if I was learning a lot at the conference. I was glad they were unaware of my purpose for being there and I smiled politely and made small talk until I reached my destination floor. 

I always look for opportunities to put the little girl to good use. She’s a very willing little slut and is always eager to please, even when she’s pushed to her limits. I knew making her show up for her “lesson” at a public hotel would have her heart beating a little harder before she reached me, even if outwardly she remained calm… 

When he opened the door, he smiled with pleasure. Almost as quickly as the door shut behind us, he turned me around and kissed me deeply and passionately. He asked, “Did you feel dirty knowing you were coming here to serve me and having to walk through all those people?” I excitedly told him how I almost felt that people could smell the sex coming off of me. He began to undress me immediately and I could tell how hungry he was for me. I am not sure I ever wanted him more than I did at that moment. When he felt my thong, he whispered in my ear as kissing my neck, “Good girl – you listened to daddy very well.” He took off his pants, pushed me to my knees, and commanded me to take all of his rock hard cock deep into my mouth. As I sucked him, I would look up and see him looking down at me adoringly and I knew he was enjoying my work. Occasionally, I would feel the slap of his hand against my face as he continued to tell me that his little girl needed to suck his cock the way he liked.
Little girl sucks cock like it’s her job (which it is, in a way). What’s really happening here is that she’s getting her mouth fucked. I feed her every inch she can take, holding her head in my hands, then force her to take even more, pushing deep into her mouth until she’s drooling and my balls are on her chin. Sometimes I hold her by the back of her head and fuck her throat until she’s gagging and trying to push me away. I know she means to please, but sometime she can’t help it, especially when she’s having trouble breathing. I always let her catch a breath or two, but she takes a stinging slap to the face or two to pay for her limitations… 

He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up to him and commanded me to get on all fours on the bed. I heard the belt buckle of his belt; my belt, the one he only wore when with me and I was the only one to be spanked with it. I loved the idea that whenever he looked at that belt or felt it, he always would think of me and my ass that he loves so much. He cracked it against my ass, asking me to tell him how I liked it. Then, unexpectedly, he looped it around my neck and began to furiously fuck my pussy hard from behind. He would pull me back onto his huge dick by pulling the belt up and tightly around my neck. At first, I wasn’t sure how to feel about being choked and fucked this way. But I loved it – the control he had over me, the intensity with which he filled me up, and the slight lightheadedness that came from not having as much oxygen. I found myself begging him to keep thrusting into me, telling him how much I wanted him and how hard I wanted to cum for him. It was at that moment I think I realized I wanted to be collared – to become his only pet and playmate – to completely surrender and give myself to him.

Little girl took to the collar and the belt better than she ever thought she would. She’s modest when she says that I “cracked it against her ass…” When she gets the strap, she takes hard, fast, lashings, sometimes as many as 10 or 20 at a time. I whip her ass until the welts form red and purple stripes against the soft white skin of her bottom… 

We continued to have sessions throughout the night, briefly taking breaks and enjoying each other’s company. We would remain naked together all night. I love how he always makes me feel so comfortable with him, so at ease with my natural instincts that I have suppressed for so long. He allows me to completely put my trust in him and know that he fully appreciates the gift of my submission to him. And I always hope to be able to please him however he wants and fulfill all his desires and wants. I recognize finally the value of his control over me and his teaching of me.

Little girl tells such a sweet story… And it is sweet, but what she forgets to mention (probably due to modesty) is that she had her nearly-virgin ass fucked four times in a row that night…

He had me get on top of him and begin to ride him. I moved my hips against him, feeling my clit rub between his cock and his skin. Moving more quickly and starting to get closer to yet another climax. But I was so wet and so turned on, he kept slipping out of me. I apologized, but I could see his disappointment in me. I was failing to please him how he wanted and I knew at that instant that punishment was coming. He rolled me over swiftly on to my stomach and plunged deep into my ass. He furiously moved in and out of me, pushing my face down into the pillows, muffling my tears. It hurt and he was very rough, but I know it was my punishment to take. I had let him down and now he was taking what he wanted by force. My lesson to be that it is all for him – my surrender to him had to be above all else. When he was done, I went to the bathroom to pull myself together. I returned to the bed and he wiped tears from my face and reassured me of his want and desire of me. We fell asleep with him holding me and caring for me and I was content with it all.

…until she broke. As her “teacher” I always pay attention to the sounds she’s making and how she responds to things. What to most would look like brutality is in fact a very carefully staged lesson. I know my little girl well enough to know when she’s passed from weeping from being overwhelmed to being truly unable to handle anymore. That’s what happened this night – her body tensed, she sobbed uncontrollably, and couldn’t handle another moment of punishment. The purpose of our lessons isn’t to grind Little Girl into nothing, but to make her stronger and more obedient for the next encounter. I know she feels badly when she can’t give me everything I ask of her, but what I’ve told her before, and what is true, is that I’ll never stop asking more of her – she’ll always break. What always amazes me, and what makes her my favorite little student, is how far past her initial boundaries she’s been able to go…