Thursday, May 19, 2011

Answering Your Questions – Week 2

Which would best describe you: 1. Angel on the outside, devil on the inside 2. Devil in and out (and loving every minute of it) 3. Angel in and out (but the horns do come out once in awhile)?

More than likely, I would say number three. Sure I like kinky play and I love sex, but mostly, I am a good girl. Most people probably see me as the stereotypical pretty, nice “girl-next-door” type – which I am. I have to clarify though, contrary to popular belief - nice does NOT equal boring - I am far from it (which I hope you see from reading this blog). Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to show people my more sexual side more publically, or to tell people about my certain sexual escapades. But, for now, and for many of the reasons I have talked about before, it is my closely guarded secret.

Have you ever been tied up when there are several other people watching you and talking about how to and preparing to use you sexually?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Significance of the BJ

In today’s article I wrote for Gutter Magazine, I talked about how important it is for a woman to go down on a man. I know that in the D/s community it may even seem foreign that there are women who do not perform fellatio. Although giving head is something I have always enjoyed immensely, even before I began to discover this side of myself, I truly believe I have learned so much more about the significance of it since I began embracing my submissive nature. I think sucking cock is one of the more popular items when talking about D/s activities. So in writing my article today it got me thinking: Why is it so important?