Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Question Is Obtuse

This question was submitted to me through my Tumblr account anonymously:
This question may seem obtuse but do "submissive" people in a relationship with someone who don't identify as "Dom" ever feel guilty about not taking the lead? Does identifying as submissive, mean that you can't reach climax unless treated that way? I only ask for possible insight into my own relationship which doesn't have defined roles, but some players aren't totally satisfied in the role they are forced to play.

Monday, September 5, 2011

No Breaks . . . Until Now

Did you miss me? I honestly can say that I missed all of you and I definitely missed writing! Unfortunately, until I find some Sugar Daddy or win the lottery, I have to do the work that pays the bills. This time of year is really busy, which I guess is proven by my absence. 

I have sat down a few times, fully intending to write, but I am either engrossed at work, or so tired by the time I get home all I can do is try to calm my mind. I know it is difficult for most people to understand, but once I get into work, I get into a trance that I cannot stop. I just keep pushing and pushing until I sometimes, like recently, just get burned out. But writing here and for Gutter are truly things I love, and I know I need to make more time for them. I need to be healthy and continue to pursue my passions. You will be hearing from me more again. Whether you truly want to or not ;)