Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friends Help Friends, Part 1

This is something that I actually wrote on July 5, 2012 -- only a few days after June 30, 2012, the night it actually happened. I don't post things about friends or lovers unless a) they are past b) they deserve to be called out or c) I have his/her permission. Just after I wrote this and was ready to post, I thought that something had changed and  this person had not given permission. I recently was given the go-ahead, so here it is -- Part 1.

Derecho. It was a word I hadn't heard before this past weekend. Apparently, it is Spanish for "Straight" and usually refers to a straight-line windstorm that also incorporates severe thunderstorms. But neither myself or my friend "B" were thinking of the storm outside late Friday night, early Saturday morning. We were more focused on the very non-straightforward storm of emotions and feelings that both of were stirring up for each other.

I've talked to/known "B" IRL and through my vanilla account for about a year at least now. So, I was just a little surprised when he DMed me on Twitter at SexInBmore. He didn't know it was the "me" he knows IRL, but he reached out because he needed some advice about a woman he was seeing. He liked the advice I had given others and he wasn't really sure who to turn to I guess.Without details, I will say that we DMed a lot back and forth and even moved to texting about his relationship. I had always had a small crush on him, but I remained open-minded and answered all of his inquiries honestly and without bias. Mainly, I felt like this woman was being quite unfair to him, but he really cared for her, so I was as supportive as I could be, but also honest about what I thought her intentions might be. I also will admit, we also got to flirting a bit, even sexually from time to time.

I'll blame it on the storm, but Friday night I came clean with him as to my true identity. He had his suspicions, although I was not his first guess. I was worried he would be mad, but he wasn't. Quite the contrary, we talked on the phone and he decided to come over to talk in person. We hung out for a little while talking. I always enjoy talking to him, but face-to-face is even better. He has a great personality and smile. And his eyes, I can't say enough about them. When he smiles, they even tend to twinkle a bit, but most importantly, I feel like I can really see who he is inside simply by reading his eyes.

Needless to say, we began kissing. I felt so comfortable with him. Almost immediately I realized this was the major part of the "one-night stand" that was missing - that connection I always need with someone. We kept kissing, but I only wanted him closer and I needed him more and more, so we moved upstairs to my bedroom and continued. As clothes came off, I began to feel more vulnerable, but in a good way. I wanted to open up to him more and I trust him completely.


  1. So ... It now comes out - You DO have sex with your followers. There is hope for the rest of us! You are so sexy - I would do you better than anyone!

  2. No, It isn't really like that. He is a friend before a follower. I just don't get with anyone - you have to be worthy - from your comments, I doubt you are ;)


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