Sunday, November 4, 2012

Friends Help Friends, Part 2

This is something that I actually wrote on July 5, 2012 -- only a few days after June 30, 2012, the night it actually happened. You can read Part 1 here, but I now present -- Part 2.

I knew deep down I was really more of a surrogate - he was really thinking about her, the one he couldn't be with. But for some reason, I didn't care. I wanted him to want me, I wanted him to take me.

I think that maybe I thought I could some how make him forget about her and the pain she was causing him, even if it was just for that night. But I was also still very unsure of where I stood with him. I also know that he wasn't a Dom, but that meant nothing to me. I just wanted him - I wanted to make him happy in any way I could that night.

From the very moment his cock thrust deep inside me, all of my hesitation drifted away. My pussy clenched his cock tightly, not wanting him to ever pull out of me, even for a second. He continued to move in and out, gently, but firmly, and he definitely took what he wanted, which made me even more turned on. I wanted to hold back and only cum with him, but everything felt so amazing, so comfortable, I couldn't hold back and I orgasmed more than once. I wanted to make him feel as good as he was making me feel, but I also could sense some hesitation on his part, but that didn't distract me from trying. After, we talked about playing again. He even decided he would be up for possibly giving me some assignments soon. We also just talked. I felt open and completely at ease just lying with him next to me. But then, my own insecurities crept in. What effect was this going to have on our friendship? I don't get very close to many people, and he was one of the few I trusted to really open up to. I was getting nervous that I may lose that. I was relieved when he assured me that our friendship would remain intact and he wasn't going to disappear on me. We shall see if he keeps his word, but I believe he will.

Some time has passed and other things have transpired in both of our lives, but I am happy to report - B still is my friend. And I would do anything for him. Update to follow soon :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, now going to vote for you as i really enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Hey babe... your former neighbor. I am happy to see that you are writing and sharing again. I am enjoying your posts. Keep it up! BTW, I voted for you on the Mobbies... a few times! ;-)


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