Monday, February 6, 2012

New Dream From Last Night

Well, there is someone I have met recently and we have been having a good time talking about submission and Dominance and exploring each other's likes and dislikes. Last night, I had a great dream about him. I was going to send it to him, but then, as I was writing it, I thought it would make a nice post. So, here is the dream that I had last night about ... Sir C.

The dream started off with me at work, which is probably understandable as I have been pretty busy this January with lots of difficult projects. As I was deep in thought on a particular problem, my G-talk pinged me with a message from Sir C. As soon as I saw his IM, I was instantly excited, and became very unfocused on my task at hand. There was some small talk and flirting, and my panties were quickly getting wet. It was almost 11:30 am, so I was getting ready to excuse myself from the conversation. I wanted to go to the ladies room to play a little before lunch, and I knew I had to be back for a 1:30 pm meeting with one of our VPs.

Before I could tell him I had to step away, Sir C told me that he happened to have a client to meet very near my office at 1:30 pm. He asked if I may want to meet for lunch. I was flattered that he wanted to see me, so I quickly agreed. He told me he would meet me in my lobby at noon. I was so excited to spend some time with him. I went to the ladies room, but instead of having a quick play, I fixed my hair & makeup as I wanted to please him and look good for him.

When I got to the lobby, I noticed he was already waiting, so he had arrived a little early. He gave me a sly smile, which told me he approved of my sprucing up. I asked him where he wanted to eat, and he simply smiled and said he wasn't hungry for much. I asked, "Well, what are you hungry for then?" Sir C got serious and told me we should just walk to my car and we could decide then. Since there are so many great places around my office, I was a little surprised he wanted to go to my car, but I of course agreed.

Once we got to my car, I started to open the door and he looked at me and commanded me to get into the back seat. I was again taken aback, but of course agreed and did as I was told. We both climbed into the back seat and he swiftly unbuckled his pants and had me start to go down on him. I sucked and took his big, hard cock quickly into my mouth. I heard him sigh and he began to play with my hair (which is one of my biggest weaknesses that makes me so hot). After a little bit, he thrust his cock deep into my throat, holding it there and choking me as he fucked my mouth. I was so nervous to be doing this in such a public place in the daytime, but he had me so turned on, and of course I would do whatever he wanted so that I could satisfy him.

He pulled me by my hair back up onto the seat and pulled down my pants. He took his fingers and felt how extremely wet I was. He told me how naughty I was to be so turned on. After fingering me, he stuck his fingers in my mouth and told me to taste myself and get used to it. I had tasted myself before, and I have to admit I love it. He pulled me over to straddle him and I began to ride his hard cock, rubbing my clit against him as I moved. He reached his hands around, grabbing and spanking my ass as I moved him quickly in and out of my soaking wet pussy. He also then would take his hand, choking me and pulling me closer. Sir C whispered into my ear.

Sir C: "You love my cock, don't you little girl?"
Me: "Yes, Sir!"
Sir C: "You want to cum, don't you little girl?"
Me: "No, Sir. I want to make you cum."
Sir C: " You forget though, it's not about what you want. It's about what I want. And I am about to make you cum harder than you thought you could."

At that point, he started thrusting up into me and I couldn't hold back. I came and I came all over him. As I was cumming though, I felt his cock get harder and deeper and I knew he was cumming with me. I felt his hot cum shoot so deep into my pussy and my head began to spin with pleasure. After he had me get back down and suck and lick him clean. As I was about to wipe myself clean with some napkins I had in the car, he pulled me close and kissed me and then whispered in my ear, "You aren't to completely clean until you get home. I want you to feel my cum on you all afternoon and you won't stop thinking about this." I agreed and then I woke up ...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not My Typical Post

NOTE TO READERS: I wrote this last week - contemplated about posting it, but didn't. It isn't sexual. But, after reflection and encouragement from others, I decided to post what I wrote last week today. Take it or leave it, this is me. Love you :)

It was Tuesday December 20, 2011 and it was the day before I was taking off for our holiday break. We had decided to meet for lunch once again before we would not be seeing each other every day for a couple of weeks.

We had such a great time. I told her about my upcoming doctor’s appointment & tests. It was a conversation we had had before, and she was so supportive as usual. We weren’t just co-workers, we were friends who shared so much every day, even if we didn’t socialize on weekends. Our lives were different, but our lives were connected. We shared stories of our crazy families and even our personal lives. She was one of only five people who knew about a couple of things I was afraid to tell anyone else.

On Friday December 21, 2011, she texted me like clockwork in the afternoon after the first of many doctor’s appointments I was to face in the next month. 

It was almost as if she had set an alarm to remind her to check on me. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did, but I wouldn’t be shocked if she didn’t. She just always knew to look out for her friends. The following Wednesday, after one of my bigger medical tests, she texted me to see if I was ok. We talked about going back to our usual place for lunch when we would return to work the following week and she would get the full download.

On New Year’s Eve, like most of us, I sent a bunch of text to people I really care about, one of them being her. I wasn’t prepared for the email I got the next morning from work. I had promised myself not to check ANY work email over the entire break. And I was successful. But I thought, “I don’t want to come into the office to a crap show on Monday morning!” So, I logged in. And that’s when my shock and disbelief overwhelmed me. She can’t be –I’m older than her – she was fine – she just texted me the other day. But, obituaries don’t lie once published (unlike RIPs on Twitter) and just like that, she was gone.

So, sorry I haven’t written in a while. In addition to this incredible hole in my heart & my life, I still had to continue through all of the invasive medical tests and uncertainty that one of my good friends had been supporting me through. But now, I was facing it with one less cheerleader, who was one of the best on my squad. Despite the physical pain of the tests, the anxiety of not knowing, I now have answers. It isn’t what my doctor feared most, and it even may not be a big problem down the road. I am taking the road of precaution, without making the big decisions that I thought would have to, and I am relieved. But I can also say that the very day and the very moment I left the doctor this morning, all I wanted to do was text my good friend to set her mind at ease as well.

Sorry, if this is a downer, but this is where I am. Love me or leave me, I will always be honest with myself and my readers. I know I will bounce back, but today I really miss my friend.