Monday, June 4, 2012

There Is A First Time For Everything

It was definitely not my intention to hook up with a guy when I went out to dinner last month. I just didn't feel like cooking because it was so hot outside and staying in didn't sound enticing. For some reason, I wanted to be around other people, even if I wasn't talking to them. My two closest friends were out of town, so I decided that I would go somewhere close and hang solo.

I had just finished eating when M sat beside me at the bar. He was cute and seemed like a decent guy, but I could also tell he was probably much younger than me (I later learned he was 27). I overheard him tell the bartender that he was in town for the week for his job and staying at the hotel across the street. He asked what there was to do around the area. The bartender gave him some good tips and he seemed content. A few moments later he turned to me and mentioned my O's hat. He was from Atlanta and was a Braves fan. He was surprised that I was knowledgeable about sports, and I think a little taken aback when I even challenged him on some facts. We had a good banter going and I was having a lot of fun with him.